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Carrie Callahan Photography, LLC

quaint is a boutique rental & custom design company that offers vintage-inspired rentals to those looking to add that unique touch to any wedding, event or shoot. We handpick and also build new pieces for our entire collection. These one-of-a-kind treasures consist of upholstered furniture, farm tables, glassware, to name a few. Some items may require a little extra love, but this is the focus of quaint, to bring you swoon-worthy rentals. We believe that each occasion should represent the personality and style of the couple and that everyone deserves their time to shine! Life is about celebrating life’s accomplishments, whether it’s big or small, so in addition to offering charming rentals, we believe our custom designs can also enhance your overall vision. Let us help provide concepts that are truly unique, just as your own story. Be sure to keep coming back as our inventory is always growing! 

quaint was established in 2014, with the goal to bring the Western New York area a unique rental option to the wedding market. Each of our pieces has a story of its’ own, but they can also help to tell the story of you as well. The scars, scratches, chipped paint, and worn fabric, all add character from generations past, which allow for great conversations to take place. Not only do we scout for the best finds to add to our collection, we also have a local woodworker (my father!), who builds amazing new pieces that we want to share with you as well! These pieces, old and new, are what will set your wedding or event apart from the rest, so let quaint be the resource that makes your own story and lasting memories....

Welcome! As owner & stylist of quaint, I strive to bring you the most charming, and unique rental options for today's couple. I’ve always been considered an old soul by family & friends and I’m drawn to vintage treasures and their potential. After being in the wedding industry for several years, I have seen many weddings and events. The ones that stood out were always those that didn’t look like all the rest. I wanted to offer couples something different when it came to the décor and design, and so it was only fitting that I start this boutique company. With degrees in fashion/visual communications/interior design, I’m always interested and researching new projects and inventory. I love what I do, and I can’t wait to celebrate with you! Send me an email, text or give a call and we can chat about your future wedding or event!

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