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I can't believe it's been so long since our last post! Goodness how time flies! It's been a busy summer, but I wanted to make our next post about the making of our laurence farm tables. This was quite the undertaking for our local woodworker, but he created 16 beautiful 8ft. tables and (1) 5ft. sweetheart table. For those who don’t already know, my father is a wood craftsman and designs and produces beautiful pieces. He is always helping and making new rental pieces to add to our collection when he has the time, so I was excited when he was able to take on the task of making these tables for quaint! There was a lot of hard work and love put into these babies! I’m so proud to now offer these locally, hand crafted farm tables for weddings and events. They are a black walnut wood with stain to enhance their color and add richness to the overall look. Below is just a quick overview of some of the processes involved in making these tables.

I hope you enjoy and don’t hesitate to book these one of a kind farm tables for your wedding or event!




The beginning! It all starts with lots of….wood.


68 legs...


The sanding of each leg…


After much sanding of the table top,

they are then glued together and held

with clamps for a few hours…


Here they are all sanded…


Now it’s time to run them all through the

large sander.  This requires a few people

to help carry, and hold.These babies

are heavy!


Now comes the staining of the legs,

tops and skirting that’s around the table…


The drilling of holes In each leg for the

large bolts to secure into…


Here’s the assembly of the skirting

that goes under the table tops…


The assembly of the entire table...

and one with my father (to the right) and uncle…

it’s a family affair!


Lots of clamping for each table…


A couple detail shots of under the tables…




Here they are making their debut at a wedding at Knox Farm, in East Aurora, NY. Love them!


Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a great weekend, even amongst this cold weather we're still having! I just wanted to share a few photos from yesterday's bridal show with Buffalo Indie Weddings at The Foundry. Ths was a great show to be a part of and this location was amazing! Definately a unique venue for weddings and events! We want to thank everyone who came out to support us and say hi! We met a lot of excited brides and we can't wait to work with them! A huge thank you goes out to Carla from Costamagna Design! Her floral artistry is above and beyond and they always make our pieces shine! Also a big thank you to East Aurora Cookie for their always amazing hand painted cookies! Our quaint branded cookies were a hit at the show!






We're going to be at the Buffalo Indie Weddings Bridal Show on March 1st, so be sure to stop by and say hi at our booth!









Hi there! So I'm also excited to share that quaint and the styled shoot that was featured on Wedding Chicks, is being featured in an article on Buffalo Rising today! So grateful for all the love & support!!



Click on the image below to read the full article on Buffalo Rising:



Happy NewYear's Eve!! I'm so excited to share that the styled shoot I put together a few months ago is featured on the Wedding Chicks blog today! I can't thank all the vendors involved enough for participating in this shoot! I hope you

enjoy and have a fabulous New Year's everyone! See you in 2015!!






Dark and Romantic Bridal Shower Tea Party



Click on the image below to see the full feature on Wedding Chicks:






I can't believe it's Christmas Eve! This year has flown by! I just wanted to take the time to wish you all the happiest of holidays. Enjoy the time with family & friends, and I hope you ring in the new year with happiness and lots of cheer! Until next time...!






Hi there! I wanted to start off my first blog post by giving a few reasons on why renting vintage furniture and props for your wedding or event can enhance your day & photography experience…


Vintage pieces add that nostalgic charm to any wedding or event. They truly bring something special to the overall design and allow for your day to be more unique and less cookie cutter. With most of quaint’s pieces being one–of-a-kind, you know your day will be unlike any others. For example, if throwing a tea party themed bridal shower or party, look how charming our vanity annabelle looks displaying some of our assorted tea cups. More appealing than if just placed on a table don’t you think? It’s all in having the right pieces and styling them to achieve a fabulous area that guests will remember.



















(Rentals & Styling: quaint / Carrie Callahan Photography, LLC /

  Florals: Costamagna Design / signage: Janeen Mears)


Some might find it difficult spending money on renting an upholstered sofa, glassware and/or other props, but if you don’t want to spend the money to outright buy these pieces and have to deal with them after the event, then consider renting. You’ve seen online and in thrift stores, that some items can be very costly, especially as the popularity grows. Renting is just a fraction of the cost, and as I mentioned earlier, a lot of our pieces are one of a kind and cannot just be bought anywhere. Unless you plan on using the piece in your own home after its use for the event, renting is a great option. Also, it takes a lot of time to search around for the right pieces. You could be spending your valuable weekends scouting, and becoming stressed because you haven’t found what you’re looking for before your big day. This is supposed to be an enjoyable time, so the less stress the better, right?! Here at quaint, we take time and careful consideration on what pieces we feel will fit into our inventory. Each piece is unique and special in it’s own way, and that can translate into a beautiful and timeless wedding look. If there's a specific piece you had a vision for, and we don't currently have it and we feel it'll fit in our inventory, we will search for it at no extra cost to you & will notify if it's a successful find! These pieces are meant to enhance and add that bit of nostalgia from times past, so perfection should not be expected. They are to be incorporated to give your day a special look and feel.  Look at this below photo…they’re an adorable, beautiful couple on their own, but don’t they look even more picturesque when paired with our victoria pink sofa?! Perfection! These pieces enhance the photography and overall experience.















                  (Sarah Bridgeman Photography &

                 Floral Design and Styling: Costamagna Design)


Whether it’s mismatched chairs & furniture at a farm table or a lounge area at a reception, these vintage pieces add a certain vibe to the space. It’s a refreshing breakaway from having the typical all-matching furniture. Mixing vintage pieces is more eclectic and interesting to the eye, and shows creativity as well! As I mentioned, using vintage pieces is not about being perfect. It’s about having that comforting touch added to your space and the inviting look of being lived in. Of course it’ll look fabulous, but it’s functional as well! These beautiful rentals draw you in to come and relax and enjoy yourself. I feel that better conversations take place at settings like this, as people are more at ease and feel as if they’re chatting in a welcoming home environment, like sitting at a family’s dinner table. These vintage pieces all still create an overall beautiful experience for a wedding, but are not as formal or predictable. They bring something different to the occasion.Take these below images from a styled shoot I put together in the fall. The farm table setup & lounge area is so inviting isn’t it? It just makes you want take a seat, sip your tea in a charming tea cup and have lovely conversations amongst the picturesque surrounding. How memorable if for a bridal shower or small gathering!




























(Rentals & Styling: quaint / Carrie Callahan Photography, LLC

Florals: Costamagna Design / Painted Cookies: East Aurora Cookie)


Overall, vintage pieces truly add that charm and distinction to any wedding or event, and allow for personality to really shine through. With being in the wedding industry for several years, I’ve seen a lot of weddings and a lot of décor. The ones that truly stand out are the ones that reflect the style and personality of the couple, and that are unlike other cookie cutter styles you see everywhere.  Adding vintage rentals to the occasion makes timeless photography and lasting memories your guests will remark on.


So I’m very excited to bring quaint to the WNY area! Vintage rentals is an increasingly popular décor element countrywide, and so it’s time Buffalo can get in on this! As you’ve seen on my website, I have degrees and experience in fashion, visual communications and interior design, so I love to create and style spaces, especially with vintage pieces. So please contact me for any future wedding or event needs!  The overall goal is that it looks and fits YOUR vision, all while having that "quaint"  vintage touch! Thank you!




















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