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Will we have to get our marriage license?

Yes, you will need to get the marriage license prior to the wedding date. You will  need your birth certificates, and proof of residence (like a license). Below is a link to the NYS site for more info…

Will the officiant handle the filing of the license after the wedding?

Yes, after the ceremony and signatures, it’s then the officiant's responsibility to mail it to the county clerk. Then the clerk mails the marriage registration to the couple.

Are we allowed to have a bridal party?

Of course! If you would like them to have bouquets and/or boutonnieres,  then it would just be an additional cost.

Am I allowed to choose my Flowers, cake, etc.?

Our pop up's  are designed to relieve the most stressful parts of wedding planning.  These elements are pre-determined based on the theme of your day of choice, but each wedding date may have a few choices to make. It will vary each time. We realize you might want to make some choices for your wedding day, so  the florist and baker will offer certain options for you to choose from. If you would prefer additional selections, then there would just be an additional cost added on.

How Often Will pop up  Dates be Announced?

Future dates will be announced 4-5 months prior to the pop-up weekend and are based on availability of the venue and vendors.

How does the payment work?

There is a 50% non-refundable deposit at the time of booking, then the rest of the payment will be due 2 weeks prior to the wedding date.

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